Wildfire Home Brewing Club
Toys around the house.
These pictures are of my various brewing tools and toys I have built or bought along the way.  A lot of the
toys are built because living on a college student's income makes it slightly harder to get the top of the line
stuff.  Mine works just fine.
My home built keggerator filled with home brews.  
Mmmm, home brew.
My home built CO2 manifold.  $19 in the
making.  Look, I have room for two more
kegs. :-)
Christmas time at my house.  An oatmeal
stout, a porter, and a merlot for our moms.
This was a lucky catch.  I actually got this
fridge for a 6 pack of home brews.  So add the
 hardware and a few construction costs
resulted in a grand total of around $350 for
everything including 8 Corney kegs.
Photo Album
My goofy sister awaiting her sample of Bier
de Mars at New Belgium Brewing Co.
Here's another pic of Homer.  He wants more