For all of us that are home brewers, the search for the right recipe for our
tastes is a never ending quest.  This is where I will post a recipe for one of
my beers that have received good comments.  All of my recipes are for malt
extracts because I have yet to set up for all grain.  Your local home brew
shop can help with the conversions or Patrick Higgins' recipe book has a
conversion equation that works pretty good.  Bear with me if I don't update
this on the first of every month.  I like to think I have a life.

Raspberry Wheat                
5 Gallons Artesian Water
7lbs Wheat Malt Extract
1 lb Crystal Malt 10 L
.5 lb White Wheat (Head Retainer)
1 oz Cascade Hops (5.6% Alpha Acidity)
.5 oz Tettnang Leaf Hops (4.2% Alpha Acidity)
.5 oz Great Hersbruker Hallertauer Hops (Finishing)(3.1% Alpha Acidity)
1 Wirlfloc Tablet
#1056 American Ale Yeast (Liquid)
3/4 cup corn sugar
1 4 oz bottle of raspberry extract

Steep grains and remove at 178 degrees
60 minute boil
Add WME, Cascade and Tettnang hops at beginning of boil
45 min into boil add Great Hersbruker Hallertauer hops
55 minutes into Boil add Wirlfloc

Post Fermentation:
Ferment in primary for 8 days.  Add raspberry extract and ferment for 7
more days.
Add 3/4 cup corn sugar for priming and bottle.
Let age and condition at least 1 month.

Raspberry mainly present in aroma, very slight in taste
Almost a bittersweet after taste
Overall highly drinkable

ABV: 5.6%
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