Our namesake.  Family owned
and operated.
A statue of St. Arnold, patron
saint of brewing.  
This statue can be found in the
garden of New Belgium Brewing
Why a Web site for my home brewing?
Well, what can I say.  I am slowly advancing with
the age of technology.  I wanted a way for all of my
out of town friends to keep up with my brewing
news without the outrageous phone bills.  Let me
know what you all think.
Why Wildfire?
Well my dad funded the start up equipment to allow
me to embark down this wonderful road of home
brewing.  Wildfire is actually the name of the hot air
balloon my father owns.  Kind of a tribute to him.  
Thanks Dad.
MMMM... Pale ale after the
hail storm brew session.
Steps to the Micro Brewery
I have set forth in my goal of opening a micro brew pub.  I had a part time job at Bristol
working mostly in the bottling process.  Since I have left Bristol and have the
restaurant and bar manager position at Morgan's Sports pub.  Recently I left that
occupation as well and joined my father building homes in Woodland Park.
Wildfire Home Brewing Club
New additions in life

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